Top 8 Things Celebrities Do For Looking Younger

Everyone wants to look younger and regain the plump skin of their youth. And celebrities seem to have mastered the secret.Keeping skin in gorgeous condition is an incredibly time-consuming and expensive job requirement for the typical celebrity. But here are a few secrets celebrities use for younger looking skin.

Secret #1: Inject able Fillers

To treat those deep smile lines, forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet, celebrities turn to hyaluronic acid fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm or Juvederm Ultra Plus (for deeper lines).Procedures must be done by a professional and the cost is $600-$1,000 a needle. Results can last up to six months.

Secret#2:They keep Stress away.

“My best anti-aging tip is the ability to say no, no, and hell, no,” Gabrielle Union, 44, told Women’s Health in March 2017.

“We run ourselves ragged saying yes to every freaking thing, whether it’s to our family, spouses, or careers. I sleep eight hours a day and don’t let myself stress out. A lot of people call it selfish, but I don’t have any wrinkles,” Union said.

Secret #3:Chemical Peels

Besides regular treatments and laser procedures, celebrities undergo regular chemical peels.Ever notice how your foundation looks when it’s applied to scaly, dry skin? You look older and ashier. The celebrities cut a few years off their faces in under an hour with a professional chemical peel. Chemical peels work by removing the damaged top layers of skin.A mild, glycolic acid chemical peel will set you back $150-$300, but you can get similar results in just one month with over-the-counter peels.

Secret #4:Hiring People.

They usually dint do anything.They hire people for all their needs.Like they hire cook,cleaner,babysitter and for much more things.So, they don’t have to do any thing.There for their skin remain safe from any sickness.

Secret #5:They wear sunscreen.

Julianne Moore, 56, is an avid believer in wearing sunscreen.”Sunscreen is my number-one thing,” she said during an interview with Redbook in 2014. “I’ve worn it every day since I was 23.”

Heidi Klum, 44, was quoted by Allure in 2010 saying that she also avoids the sun: “A tan lasts for a week or two before it fades, and the sun is so damaging — it’s not worth it. I put sunscreen on my kids every day before school and before they play outside. They know the routine.”

For decades, sunscreen has been regarded as the ultimate defense against the sun’s harmful rays.

Secret #6:Diane Kruger

It’s no secret that Kruger is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. The starlet keeps up her appearance thanks to her favorite products, like Kiehl’s Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion which is perfect for her sensitive skin. She also suggests that you should never go to bed without removing your makeup. If it’s that simple to look that good, why wouldn’t you take her advice?!

Secret #7:Radio Frequency Facials

Jennifer Astonish says her skincare routine is simple: “soap and water, moisturizer and sunscreen”. She loves radio frequency facials, too, “for keeping my skin lifted” and shared her favorite foundation with Red for that California glow. The Bare Minerals Bare Skin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation SPF20 (£21.60) she says is “super-lightweight yet still gives great coverage”. It does.

Secret #8:Use an acid peel 1-2 times a week.

“Consistent use of a good acid peel—one that has both salicylic and glycolic acid—will have cumulative benefits: the longer you use them, the better your skin will look. I always recommend once a week for dry skin and no more than twice a week for combination/normal skin. Following this regimen will help build collagen, erase fine lines and pigmentation, and generally help thicken your skin. Remember: your skin gets thinner with age.”—Dr. Lamees Hamdan, founder and CEO of Shiffa

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